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PFC new development patterns SMAF-A package product for mobile phone charger and power supply applications Network & Communction need to develo...

MOS Rectifier Introduction

PFR series products combine low VF, low IR, high IFSM, high Tj, and high thermal stability advantages. Use of PFR products can support power supply designers to meet the stringent requirements of the pursuit of high efficiency, high reliability and high operating temperatures.

SLVF technology

SLVF Schottky rectifier, the use of advanced semiconductor structures, is superior to the conventional planar Schottky to achieve better product characteristics and efficiency.PFC New SLVF Schottky rectifiers with lower VF, low IR, as well as faster switching speed can be used to enhance the efficiency of power supply and to meet a new generation of energy-saving specifications.

Development of new technologies

PFC R&D team is working on high-performance products such as development of MOSFET, Super Junction MOSFET, IGBT, Low VF Bridge product technology platform.

In the name of PFC, we will dedicate to explore newly and better efficient power electronics technology.


PFC rectifier at 30V ~ 400V product technology provides different packages type and current specification. 30V ~ 60V Voltage range-...

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PFC SR MOSFET mainly focus on synchronous rectifier applications. Using self-owned assembly house to provide customers with the most complete r...

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PFC uses self-owned packaging house to produce TO-220 / ITO-220 / TO-263 / TO-262 / TO-277 / TO-252 / TO-251 / SMAF-A..., and so on to suppor...

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Bridge Rectifiers

Part number Package ...

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IGBT on developement, coming soon

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